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TouchPoint Networks is the Pacific Northwest's leader of voice and IT solutions including business phone systems, VoIP, telecom, video conferencing, networking equipment, and related applications. We assist clients in creating competitive advantage and increased profitability through the implementation of new technology including telecommunications, phone systems and IT services. Headquartered in Oregon with offices located in Portland, Eugene, and Medford, TouchPoint Networks is uniquely positioned to respond quickly and effectively to a wide range of customer equipment and service requirements. Through our association with Technology Assurance Group we are able to deliver business phone systems and IT services to over 130 markets in Portland, across the United States and Canada.

How Well Does Your Telecommunications System Help You Communicate?

We believe that your phone system is the heart and lungs of your organization. If the phones are not working properly, sales stop and customer service grinds to a halt. Likewise, a professional telecom solution will tell your customers that you are reliable and easy to work with, and that you expect and deliver high-quality solutions. That is where TouchPoint Networks comes in...

A properly designed telecom solution will help you better communicate with your end customers. Maybe it's more effective in-bound call processing with a call center or automated attendant. Maybe it's a strong music-on-hold campaign to better communicate your capabilities to the caller. Or maybe, it's a leading-edge mobility solution that helps your clients connect with you, or you with your office, from anywhere in the world. The bottom line is that effective communications solutions will help you increase revenues and customer satisfaction for your Portland, Medford, or Eugene, Oregon business.

Communicate Efficiently

In today's hectic business world, you also need telecom solutions that help you accomplish more in less time. TouchPoint Networks will show you how to consolidate your points of contact with Unified Communications, how to know if someone is at their desk before you try to call them with Presence, or how to avoid time-consuming travel by collaborating with others through web and video conferencing solutions. Time is a precious commodity, and we can help you streamline your processes to maximize its use.

Communicate Productively

You can have effective telecommunications solutions, and you can have efficient telecommunications solutions, but what good are they if your people don't know how to use them? What really sets TouchPoint Networks apart from the competition is our passionate commitment to your productivity. We design and deploy telecom solutions that are easy to use for your Portland, Eugene, or Medford, Oregon area business. Whether you're looking for a simple phone system for a small business or you need a complex Voice over IP solution that ties multiple locations together, or maybe you just need a Portland business phone or telecom system, we're the partner for you. Let us show you how to communicate more productively!

Portland Telecom Systems

TouchPoint Networks is your ultimate resource for business phone systems (VoIP, SIP, and traditional) and ManagedIT services.

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