Cloud Communication Services

Increase productivity and improve performance by taking your voice communications and IT to the Cloud.

A hand reaching up and plugging an ethernet cable into the clouds

Work Anywhere

Access your data, voice and applications whenever you want, wherever you are, from whatever device you want to use. This flexibility increases productivity and is appreciated by today's employees in the workforce.

IT Simplified

The costs of setting up and managing servers, premise based phone systems, equipment and staff add up quickly when you do it on your own. Our cloud solutions take care of it all, freeing up your staff to work on other things.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As more companies adopt a Bring Your Own Device practice, permitting employees to use their personal devices, the cloud becomes an essential tool for growth. Without the cloud, you put your company data at risk every time an employee leaves the company. With our cloud solutions, you enjoy cost-savings and the productivity gains from your staff having anytime access to their voice applications and desktops.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When a disaster hits, if your company isn't prepared, there is a high likelihood that it will go out of business. Our cloud solutions provide you with disaster recovery plans that only large enterprises could afford in years past. Your entire computing infrastructure is safe in our tier IV data centers, and readily available to all of your employees from any computer anywhere.

Peace of Mind with Fixed Costs

Predictable monthly IT and voice costs at a fixed price per month.

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