Zultys Unified Communications

Businesses today need to enable employees to stay productive and accessible whether they are at their desks, in a remote office, or mobile - on their smart phone, tablet or laptop - Anywhere and Everywhere!

You need a robust unified communications solution that is easy to install, configure, support and manage. As important, you want a system that won't increase demands on your already lean IT staff, and provides an integrated user experience and an efficient administrative interface.

With Zultys MX Unified Communications platform you get all that and more! You can keep business communications and operations moving smoothly, using voice, IM, presence, full call control, unified messaging and more!

Unified Communications: The Convergence of Communications with Applications

It's the evolution of the PBX - The integration of communication modes, such as voice telephony, instant messaging, presence information, video conferencing, data sharing and call control, with email, internet and network applications to provide a seamless, truly unified experience.

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