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3 VoIP Options to Cover All Your Customers' Needs

Different needs require different solutions. Pulsar360 offers you more options to cover all of your customers' needs.

Disaster Recovery Solutions Preserve Your Communications Capability

Keep business communications alive when the unexpected occurs. At Pulsar360 Corporation, we understand how critical communication is to your business.

Automated Distribution and Rerouting of Calls

If your location fails to receive calls, we offer automated rerouting of calls between geographically-diverse sites connected to our network, or to a designated off-site number, such as a cell phone or a landline. This allows you to maintain receipt of inbound calls in the event of a power, system, or circuit failure.

Fail-Over Hosted PBX Backup System

Our hosted PBX solution is the perfect back-up for your existing system. If your PBX (either premise-based or hosted) fails, or you lose connectivity to your system, the Pulsar360 Corporation - hosted PBX will deliver calls via an alternate route, if necessary. And our hosted PBX service is charged on a metered rate to help you save money.

Emergency Hosted PBX for Remote Continuity

This is the best line of defense in the event you lose your ability to work from your existing location due to fire, storm, power outage, or other disaster. Simply send your employees to a remote location to work from our hosted PBX with a computer softphone, headset, and Internet connectivity. You may be able to resume critical functions in minutes at a temporary location.

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