Music On Hold

It’s no longer an extra, folks.

There was a time in a galaxy far, far away when having an on-hold message was a nice addition, a little something extra to tickle the ears of your callers. Like The Beatles, disco and rotary dial phones, those days are over. A few things happened that changed the way callers and businesses view on-hold messaging.

PEOPLE HANG UP when they feel as if they’re abandoned. Silence is NOT golden when your callers are on hold. TouchPoint Networks does more than put a message with music. We discover the personality of your company, that attractive core that appeals to your callers…and we let them hear it in your on hold message. Professional copy writers, renowned voice talents and a licensed library full of the perfect music come together in pristine digital audio to captivate your callers and keep them on the line. With TouchPoint Networks Information On Hold, you’ll:

Why TouchPoint Networks does On Hold Messaging Better

Keep the ring – we’re not looking for a commitment. It’s not only what we do that makes us different. What we don’t do is equally impressive.

Simply pay your first month in advance. We don’t need to meet your parents, we won’t ask for our own drawer in your dresser and you can leave when you want. It’s that simple. Once we’re really comfy with one another, you can pay quarterly, twice a year or annually. It’s really that easy.

You want to know how much it is, don’t you?

One thing you can count on for sure is that there are no surprises when it comes to what you pay. Once we know exactly what you want, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get and exactly what it will cost. I told you it was easy.

Don’t waste another minute on hold. Maximize every call. CONTACT TouchPoint Networks today!

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