Enhanced 9-1-1 (e911) Solutions

We Eliminate the Problem with Regular 9-1-1 Calling at Businesses and on Campuses with e911

What is e911?

When you call 9-1-1 from your home, your call goes to your telephone provider who sends the call and your home address to the local emergency call center, or a PSAP (public safety access point). (Your home address was provisioned when you ordered telephone service from the telephone company.) The responder at the PSAP then assesses the situation, alerts the closest emergency responders (police, fire dept, etc.), and provides them with information about the call.

The problem with "regular" 911 calling is that the only information provided to the 911 center is the address. In an office environment, your exact location can often be complicated. Different floors, different buildings on campus, different sections per floor. None of this information is relayed to the PSAP or emergency responders. The only information the PSAP sees is the address that was provisioned when telephone service was established. That address is almost never the same location as the call.

While you wait for help to arrive, the PSAP could be sending first responders to your company's billing address and not your actual location. Our e911 solution can help solve these problems. We can create detailed location records for every phone in your enterprise and include building, floor, room, and quadrant information in the record.

Current Projects

We are implementing an e911 solution for a Portland Area Assisted Living Facility. The campus is spread across 22 acres, which can be challenging in the situation where a resident calls 911. Our e911 solution will not only give the address of the caller to the local emergency 911 call center, but it will also record the call, automatically connect with the assisted living facility's staff, and it will send the exact coordinates of the person calling (latitude and longitude). With such a big campus, this could save emergency responders vital minutes in helping the 911 caller.

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