Managed IT Services

Our Global Network Operations Center, Service Desk and Service Operations Center extends the capabilities of your organization based upon your business and technical requirements. We have 4 service levels that allows you to mix and match our team for each service tower based upon your business needs. we deliver a professional, reliable, and cost effective managed services model to support your infrastructure. We are agile and flexible. You select the support you need for your business and we will align our team. We can have you up and supported in as little as 30 days on average and are driven service level objectives and key performance indicators.

In addition to the levels of services outline below, we can provide a custom service if you're connected to the Internet. (i.e. specialty device, facilities, remote configuration, ATM monitoring and dispatch, coordination and remote support).

Level 1 - Monitor and Response

  • Validated alerting by 24/7/365 Network Operations Center
  • Monitoring and ticketing portal access
  • Start validation and notification for critical issues within 15 minutes
  • Important performance issues within 30 minutes
  • All other events handled during maintenance windows
  • Connectivity and uptime monitoring Essential performance monitoring
  • Event Management Basic Service Center Reporting

Level 2 - Remediate

  • Includes Level 1 Monitoring - Plus:
  • Hardware, anti-virus, service/process, application, backup, virtualization and event log monitoring
  • VPN monitoring, routing protocol and interface health monitoring
  • ISP issue notification & escalation
  • Additional network optimization services
  • Monthly Service Review Meetings
  • Service Usage Reports

Level 2+ - Remediate and Report

  • Includes Level 1 and 2 – Plus:
  • Patch and update management
  • Vendor management including facilitation of repairs and/or replacements of inoperable devices and proactive management of your vendor support contracts and maintenance agreements
  • Data backup verification
  • Self healing and remediation automation
  • Reporting, Analytics and Recommendations

Level 3 - Manage & Maintain

  • Includes Level 1, L2, L2+ Monitoring and – Plus:
  • Complete device and/or network management
  • Management of data backups including verifying completed backups every time
  • Account and policy maintenance and management
  • VPN tunnel creation and maintenance on appropriate devices
  • Configuration management on all devices
  • Incident remediation
  • Active Directory account and group policy management

IT Networking and Support

If the phone system is the heart and lungs of an organization, then by extension the data network is its lifeblood. A reliable data network is no longer a "want," it's a mission-critical business necessity. Think back to 10 years ago – do you rely more on your data network today than you did back then? Just imagine what it will be like in the coming years as we see data, voice, video, and a host of other applications all converging into one integrated network.

Integrated Solutions Drive Productivity

The convergence of data, voice, and video is already starting to impact corporate productivity in almost unimaginable ways. Multiple locations are tied together as one big communications network. People are working from home or on the road as if they are at their desks. People are holding video conferences and web presentations instead of getting on an airplane. These types of applications are just the beginning, but they are all built upon a rock-solid data network. TouchPoint Networks data networks help you make these types of solutions look easy.

"Managed" Reliability is the Key to Success

It takes more than an Ethernet connection to reliably deliver these types of integrated applications.
You need a network that is able to manage the traffic going across that network so that time-sensitive transmissions, like voice and video, receive priority over time-insensitive data traffic, such as web browsing. We monitor the performance of the data network to identify potential bottlenecks or other problems. Properly managing a network is not "rocket science," but it is sophisticated. TouchPoint Networks experienced team will help you get it right.

Commodity Solutions Require Expert Management

We are witnessing somewhat of a paradox in the technology industry right now. Intense competition for business has turned hardware components into commodity items, with little intrinsic value for one brand of equipment over another. At the same time, the need for an integrated, highly reliable, properly managed system is growing exponentially. You need a team of experts who can supplement the capabilities of your staff to turn "hardware" into solutions that deliver sustained productivity improvements.

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