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TouchPoint Networks has built a team of voice and data specialists committed to your support. Together, we select products and services that match your business requirements to achieve optimum user convenience and operational efficiency.

Technology Assessments and Sales Consultations

When you examine the organizations that realized the greatest gains from technology, you find that it is never just one solution that helped them achieve their competitive advantage. More often than not, they have figured out a way to effectively integrate a variety of solutions into a unified communications platform that directly supports their business processes. Today, productive and effective business communications is a multimedia experience.

Start with where you are

Before TouchPoint Networks can recommend a solution, we need to understand the fundamentals of your business – what you do, how you do it, and how you stack up against your competition. Are you competing on the basis of price or value? Are your people centrally located or spread across the country? How are you presently communicating with customers, employees, and vendors? If a vendor doesn't take the time to get to know you, how in the world can they recommend the right solution for your business? Our initial discussions with a client are always aimed at building an understanding of their core business. Then we have a common foundation and can move forward as partners.

Look at where you're going

TouchPoint Networks not only needs to understand where you are but where you're going as well.

How will your industry or company need to evolve in the next five years to remain competitive? What will you need to do to become or remain an industry leader and outpace the competition?

Leverage technology to get you there

Every industry in America has embraced communications technology in one form or fashion to help them reach the "next level." But what technology is right for you? How can it be integrated to enable greater returns on investment than similar stand-alone solutions? Let TouchPoint Networks get to know you and your business, and we can help answer these questions.

Managed IT

If the phone system is the heart and lungs of an organization, then by extension the data network is its lifeblood. A reliable data network is no longer a "want," it's a mission-critical business necessity

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Service & Support

TouchPoint Networks is committed to establishing and maintaining a dynamic partnership with every customer. Extensive technology and service experience allows the TouchPoint team to develop an understanding of each customer's unique telecommunications requirements, and to respond to those requirements quickly and effectively.

Our technical staff undergoes rigorous factory training from a select group of manufacturers and is continuously kept up-to-date on the latest product and service innovations. Installation and training personnel maximize system performance by working with customers to achieve optimum user convenience and operational efficiency.

Turn to TouchPoint Networks when you need a team of experts to support you or supplement the capabilities of your staff to turn "hardware" into solutions that deliver sustained productivity improvements.

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Traditional networks are no longer adequate to power your business. Today's organizations are migrating to Cloud-based business applications to maximize resources and increase productivity. This results in the network becoming a critical bottleneck that can impact your bottom-line.

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At TouchPoint Networks, every system we install is designed with the customer in mind, and is intrinsically easy to use. However, effective implementation and acceptance of any new office system requires a structured, ongoing training program. TouchPoint's staff of highly trained customer service representatives work with each customer to develop a training program designed to maximize the potential of your system and your staff.

And since your system is specifically designed for your company, TouchPoint provides customized User Guides for each telephone instrument.

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Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP)

Communications Technology is evolving rapidly

Communications technology will advance more in the next five years than it has in the previous 95 years. The most profound innovations of our time are innovations that improve the way we communicate with one another. In parallel to the pace of change in technology, businesses are rapidly evolving their core processes and capabilities to become more competitive. This highly innovative, rapidly evolving environment creates a dynamic situation where it can be tough to know if you're picking the right communications solution not only for today but for your future as well.

Does it make sense to solve a dynamic problem with a static solution?

Historically, organizations have purchased a phone system every 7 to 10 years and tried to solve their dynamic communication needs with a static, point-in-time solution. They purchased a system, received limited training when it was installed, never upgraded its capabilities, and basically limped along with the bare minimum in features and functionality. In addition, they sunk tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into a depreciating asset that lost 50% of its value upon installation. Today's leading companies have rejected this approach and are turning to a managed services model for communications services to keep them on the leading edge of technology while at the same time maximizing their employee's ability to leverage technology for productivity and competitive advantages.

The current technology assurance program overcomes the greatest risk of technology

TouchPoint Networks along with our Current Technology Assurance Program ensures that technology today can be renewed, refreshed, or replaced and that you may be able to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become available for one fixed monthly cost. It provides you with a custom turn-key communications solution that will stay current with the latest in technology and grow to keep pace with your business. On top of that, we offer a completely managed system where we offer the hardware along with unlimited technical support, unlimited programming changes, and unlimited training to ensure that the system will grow and evolve along with your business to keep your employees operating at their maximum productivity.