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PBX Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from phone system failure.

A disaster doesn't have to be a tornado, a hurricane, or a flood. A blackout or brownout, or even simple equipment failure can bring your business to a standstill if not properly protected. Worse, it can cause lasting harm to your brand and to customer loyalty.

That's why every business should build a disaster recovery plan – everything from backing up your data to co-locating your servers. If a disaster does strike, you can be certain you've made every contingency to prevent your customers from being affected. But what about your phone system?

Office phone systems (or PBXs) are a vital part of most businesses, but are frequently overlooked when planning for a disaster. An interruption in phone service means your potential customers, existing customers, and affiliates can't reach you and may become worried about your reliability. Your PBX going down for even a short period of time can cost your businesses thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and damaged reputation.

That's why we offer automated PBX failover to a fully-hosted virtual phone system.

How Does It Work?

When your PBX goes down during a disaster, your carrier will get a response of either "Ring No Answer" or "All Trunks Busy" when trying to send you calls. Both errors mean that your customers and associates can't reach you and that you're losing money with every passing second.

With PBX Disaster Recovery you can tell your carrier to automatically failover in these situations to a fully-hosted virtual PBX. This equipment-free phone service is designed to mimic the recordings and extensions of your normal PBX so that your customers won't know that your PBX is down.

Forwarded calls are sent to emergency numbers (e.g. cell phones) and voicemail messages are automatically delivered to you and your employees by email. As a hosted solution, this service is impervious to disasters in your local area and will continue to route calls and take messages until your PBX comes back online.

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