Video Conferencing

Would you like to eliminate the expense of buying and upgrading your video equipment? How about improving engagement with your remote and mobile workforce? Let's talk cloud video services and what it means for your business.

With TouchPoint Networks cloud video services, companies can forget about the infrastructure costs and interoperability challenges. Delivered via Video-as-a- Service, our cloud video services enable simple, affordable and scalable video conferencing on any network, device or endpoint.

TouchPoint Networks utilizes proven technology and expertise to deliver a cloud video service that provides complete interoperability with HD conference rooms, web browsers, desktops and mobile devices. The result? High interoperability, improved productivity and reduced travel costs.

Whether joining from a desktop at the airport or sitting in a Telepresence room at the global headquarters, end users experience a high-quality video experience when working with TouchPoint Networks cloud video services.


Simple. Affordable. Scalable.

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