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5 Reasons Companies are Choosing Hosted IP Services

October 21st, 2011 by admin

"Cloud Communications" is becoming a buzzword and a popular choice for companies looking for a competitive advantage and increased profitability.  Here is a list of reasons your company may want to make the move to Hosted VoIP Services:

  1. Taking your Phone System to the Cloud Means no Big Ticket Hardware – your phone calls are managed and switched remotely so there is no need for an expensive Control Unit in your phone closet.  Phones are simply plugged in to the data network and use internet access for dial tone.
  2. Features and Technology Scale with your Business – because your phone system is managed in the cloud, features are automatically updated by the host provider.   Growth is accommodated by simply purchasing additional phones and plugging them, which means multi-site locations and remote workers are easier to set up than ever.
  3. Maintenance and Technical Support are included – the host provider is responsible for maintaining the system and infrastructure which means lower IT costs for you.
  4. Pay for Only the Lines you use with Unlimited Nationwide Calling – the provider that we carry (Freedom IQ) charges for the maximum simultaneous calls per month, with forgiveness for an occasional spike in calls.  Typically we find this is less than 1/3 of a company’s total employees which provides you even more savings over other host providers that charge “per seat.”
  5. Productivity – access to the latest features gives your employees a competitive advantage.  Low maintenance demands on employees and IT also frees up their time for more productive pursuits and reduces costs.

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