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Dialing a 9 or a 1? You Aren't Taking Advantage of SIP Technology!

October 21st, 2011 by admin

If you have to dial a 1 or a 9 before you make a phone call, you might as well be using smoke signals to communicate.  Now ready for prime time, SIP technology has opened the floodgates for small to mid-sized businesses to benefit from greater business applications, reduced costs, and enhanced efficiency.

Advantages of SIP technology:

  1. Cuts Redundant Costs – You can consolidate what typically are your dedicated voice trunks and combine them with your Internet Bandwidth.  This will save you up to 50% on your current monthly phone bill.  Many plans also include unlimited long distance within the United States and some plans also include Canada.
  2. Supports Voice, Video and Instant Messaging – SIP technology enables businesses to reach out to both employees and customers through a variety of mediums giving your business a competitive advantage.
  3. Presence - SIP technology enables users to inform others of their status, their availability, and how they can be contacted before communication is even initiated so your business can become more efficient.

Similar to the way Apple's iPhone redefined what we expect from our cell phone's functionality, SIP technology is on the leading edge of Unified Communications.  For a no obligation consultation, Contact Us.

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