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How Can You Improve Business Security with CCTV Surveillance Systems?

January 10th, 2022 by admin

CCTV Surveillance Camera in the office

Closed-circuit television surveillance systems have made massive technological progress in the last decade. CCTV cameras have come a long way and have become more crucial in any business or residential landscape than ever. Not only are they effective from a home security standpoint, but they are also equally efficient for protecting commercial properties from crime.

But that's not all; here are the many ways CCTV surveillance systems can improve your business security and create a secure environment:

Remote Monitoring

Once you install CCTV cameras in your office, you can remotely monitor your landscape from anywhere and any device. Gone are the days when you have to rely on an operator to sit in front of the CCTV station and view the footage.

In other words, remote monitoring means you have the power to see and immediately respond to security threats in real-time—thereby preventing the risk of incident. Monitor CCTV footage through your smartphone and receive notifications if motion detectors detect any suspicious activities in the surroundings or on your premises. Put simply, with CCTV surveillance, you can have peace of mind that your premises are secure round the clock—24x7.

Excellent Video Analytics

The latest CCTV surveillance cameras today have HD resolution and are pixel-perfect. Therefore, as they have excellent video analytics, you can view images clearly. Moreover, you can easily track people and objects, identify and detect intruders, and issue alarms on suspicious activities and behaviors on-premises.

For instance, the cameras can instantly detect unknown individuals loitering near the building's entrance, which could clearly indicate that a break-in incident is about to occur. Hence, it can be stopped before the damage is done.

Facial Recognition Technology

This feature in new CCTV surveillance cameras recognizes faces. It can be used to automatically regulate people's entry to your organization and other protected areas of the building. Additionally, this feature can also help the court prosecute criminals and put them behind bars. Facial recognition technology can help identify the faces of criminals and ensure that guilty people are convicted.

Limit and Deter Criminal Activities and Frauds

Annually businesses lose a huge sum of their profits to shoplifters and thieves who break in and can't be caught because there is no CCTV footage. Did you know that according to NASP, business owners in the United States lose nearly 13 billion dollars worth of goods to shoplifters? However, you can easily lower the risk of criminal activities, frauds, and shoplifting if you install CCTV surveillance systems in and around your commercial premises.

Once a CCTV surveillance system is installed, criminals and shoplifters will think several times before they attempt to break into your property. Also, even if they do manage to do so, they can easily be caught, and all the recoveries can be made with the help of CCTV footage, facial recognition, and remote monitoring features. Therefore, it is definitely not an easy task for criminals to attack and steal with CCTV cameras.

All these features can speed up investigations by law enforcement agents and ensure they have enough evidence to nail down the criminals and arrest them. Without a doubt, CCTV surveillance systems have provided the perfect solution for business owners to ensure real-time security maintenance. It's perfect for keeping an eye on the property round the clock and deterring the high risk of crime and fraudulent activities.

For more information or assistance with installing CCTV surveillance systems, get in touch with our team at TouchPoint today. We have partnered with industry-leading CCTV surveillance companies to provide you with the best systems in town and keep your business safe and secure. Give us a chance to assist you. You will be happy with your decision to work with us just like our other satisfied clients.

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