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Providing Solutions to Increase Productivity for Your Remote Workforce

November 23rd, 2020 by admin

A businessman holding a cloud with connected servers and devices

With states experiencing continued surges in COVID-19 cases and restricting occupancy rates inside businesses, working from home is continuing to gain popularity. There are hurdles to traverse in transitioning to a remote workforce, but the cloud provides many of the tools your business needs to be successful. At TouchPoint Networks, we have been busy reaching out to our customers and helping them make the switch to the cloud and remote work.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a highly secure cloud environment that supports a remote workforce. Microsoft Azure can scale to demand, so an increased influx of remote employees won't cause performance issues. Additionally, Microsoft Azure is fully integrated with all Microsoft products, from Teams to Office365.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will allow your remote employees to communicate and collaborate effectively. Video conferencing provides a better medium to make presentations. The screen sharing functionality will enable you to showcase your products and provide a better understanding to your customers or employees. In addition to video conferencing, the chat feature and presence monitoring make it easy for your employees to see who is available and have quick conversations. The chat function is much more efficient than email.


Office365 gives your employees the ability to edit and share documents in real-time. This ability significantly increases productivity and your employees' collaborative efforts. Additionally, since all of the documents are stored in the cloud, your disaster recovery will be improved considerably.


Microsoft Azure data centers are highly secure, so your business's data network will be protected. There has been an increase in hacking and phishing attacks since the pandemic began in March, but you can rest assured that your business will be protected with Microsoft Azure.

At TouchPoint Networks, we understand how difficult these times are. We want to help your company thrive, and we want to make the transition to the cloud and remote work as seamless as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud solutions and how they will help your business and remote workforce.

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