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Video Surveillance Cameras Keep Your Business Protected

August 20th, 2020 by admin

A surveillance camera on a blue background and a man's hand pointing towards the camera

As a business owner, you need a way to protect the assets within your building. You've tied up significant sums of money in your computer systems, and any products your business offers. Losing these products to theft would be a headache to deal with and could cost your company money. At TouchPoint Networks, we offer surveillance cameras to help protect your business and assets. We recently partnered with Eagle Eye Networks, which offers a cloud video surveillance system. A cloud surveillance system offers many benefits for your business, from viewing your security feeds from anywhere to customized features.


The surveillance system is 100% cloud-based, which means you don't need any storage hardware on-premise. You can view the feed from any mobile device or web browser, so you can see what is happening around your business at night. Having the ability to view your security feed, regardless of your location, is a significant benefit. If you are out of town on a business trip, you can alert authorities if something suspicious is happening around your business.

You can also set custom alerts, and you will be sent an email if one of those alerts is triggered. The email will contain a link that will take you directly to the camera feed that recorded the event, and you can review the footage. Additionally, camera locations and orientations can be viewed on a map, with building boundaries and interior walls displayed.


The Eagle Eye System allows you to customize which features you want, so you only pay for what you need. Additionally, there is no software to buy and install, no license keys or OS to maintain. You will enjoy the benefits of the surveillance system without all of the headaches.

Crime Deterrent

The presence of security cameras can reduce crime in and around your building. If a potential burglar sees the cameras around your building, they may think twice about targeting your business, and you will deter suspicious activity during off-hours.

Ensuring your assets are secure while you are away from the business is a massive benefit for your business. The features that come with the Eagle Eye Surveillance cameras allow you to view your security footage from anywhere, so you can rest assured that your business is protected. Contact us today to learn more about our surveillance solutions and how they will benefit your business.

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