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What Are The 3 Most Important Business Questions?

July 20th, 2015 by admin

TouchPoints's President, Gary Gonzalez, spoke at the Technology Assurance Group meeting on July 16th on the topic of "Enhancing Company Culture by Answering the 3 Most Important Business Questions." The talk focused around these three questions:

  • Why does your company exist?
  • How does it deliver?
  • What does it do?

Seeing as how Gary took the time to ask those questions to the audience, we figured we'd take the time to do some introspective thinking on how these questions apply to TouchPoint.

"Why does TouchPoint Exist?"

Touchpoint has a passion to help our clients business become more efficient and profitable and help them gain a competitive advantage in their market place. We strive to ensure that our clients have the best productivity tools available along with the most reliable communications systems in the industry. No matter if its voice, IT services, video conferencing or cloud solutions, we want to make sure when people think of seeking help with their technology, they think TouchPoint.

"How Does TouchPoint Deliver?"

TouchPoint believes in taking the time to learn and understand our client’s goals and vision for their company, together we explore strengths and weaknesses so we can ultimately design and implement technology solutions we believe will deliver optimized solutions that bring greater profitability to their bottom line. We take the time to personalize each and every experience that our clients receive.

"What Does TouchPoint Do?"

TouchPoint is a technology company that partners with a variety of solution providers which allows us to service businesses with varying technology needs. We take the time to ensure that we address all of your concerns. From the most simple task to the most complicated system, TouchPoint strives towards excellence in everything that we do.

So what does this means to you? When TouchPoint strives to interact with their customers, people can understand the vast amounts of complicated information like features and benefits and facts and figures. Rather than just give you the facts and figures about a solution, here at TouchPoint, we try to make sure that we connect with you on a deeper level to ensure that you know you're making the right decision both inside and out. We want to ensure that when you buy at TouchPoint you aren't buying what we sell, you're buying why we sell it. Our customers love us because of why we do what we do and we're sure that you'll love us too.

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