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WiFi – WatchGuard Has Now Come Out with WiFi 6 Access Points – Lightning-Fast and Very Secure

March 22nd, 2022 by admin

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With the fast-paced world, technology is seeing evolution at full speed too. The amount of technology we have seen in the last five years and its impact on the world astonishes us. However, this evolution isn't going to stop and will carry on forward towards better advancement.

TouchPoint makes sure not to be left behind among this advancement in technology and has introduced an excellent new product which surely will make your life easier than before.

We have introduced access points for WiFi 6, which will make your internet connectivity stronger than before.

What is WiFi 6?

Before you move on to what access points are, it is essential to understand WiFi 6, considering it is directly associated with it.

We all know what WiFi is, considering our entire lives revolve around it, quite literally. From our everyday social media scrolling to jobs and now even schools work on the internet. There is no doubt that the internet and WiFi have been lifesavers. However, there are a few things with it that are frustrating.

What is it? Well, slow connectivity, lags, and not enough connections. There have been advancements in WiFi to resolve such issues over the years. We've seen improved WiFi development, and the current technology is the fastest we have gotten.

WiFi 6 is a significant advancement, the functionality of which sits pretty well in the fast-paced world, where a good and strong internet connection is a must.

Not only WiFi 6 has 70% more connectivity than all its previous ancestors, but it gives 50% more coverage. However, no matter how good this technology is, its reach corresponds to your router placement. Due to this, there may be corners in your office where these connections may not reach.

What to do in such situations? Well, that is where our access points come in.

Access Points – Making Catching Internet Signals Easier

Suppose you work in a pretty huge building or have a big house. In such cases, a single router may not be sufficient enough to let signals flow through every corner, right?

Well, such are situations when access points come in. This particular technology is a device that is used to create a wireless local area network, better known as WLAN.

This particular item aims to catch signals in areas where the router doesn't send signals well. So, you attach this access point in a part of the building or a room where internet connectivity isn't great and see the magic happening.

The access point will connect itself to the router, hub, or switch through an Ethernet cable and transmit the WiFi signals. These help improve internet signals and connectivity by a vast margin and hence are excellent and convenient to big firms and large buildings.

The access points have been a hit since its launch, which helps connect the internet a lot easier. However, there are other benefits to it too. Read on below.

Benefits of Access Points

Access Points not only help you catch WiFi signals, but it has a whole other set of benefits that makes it so popular. The various benefits are:

  • Strong Signals Throughout

    We have been talking about access signals providing solid connections since the start. Internet connectivity is a huge issue, and the farther you are from the device, the weaker signals you will get. However, access points make this easier.

    The access point connects to the router and then throws stronger signals forward. As a result, they eventually provide better and stronger connections to areas previously deprived of WiFi signals.

  • Flexible Networking

    The access points are relatively flexible and provide a variety of modes for users to choose from. This flexible networking provides stronger connectivity and makes using the internet easier in corners where signals are low. Moreover, the several different modes help catch different WiFi signals, either from a router or a 3G device.

  • More User Access

    A single router supports only a few devices at hand, no matter how great it is; however, with the increasing devices, its connections and working start decreasing, providing a relatively slow speed internet with poor signals. Access Points remove such hassle. Having an access point connected with a router will increase your signals and allow more than 60 devices to connect easily. How convenient, right?

  • Multi-Access Point Interconnection

    It isn't necessary for a building to only host a single access point. Several access points can be installed if the building is very large. This is particularly beneficial in these offices where many computers, laptops, and mobile devices need internet connectivity and many floors that need to be covered.

    While you can always install a bunch of routers, one on each floor, we all know this can be a hassle. So having a solid internet router with multiple access points does the job relatively well.

It is astonishing how far technology has come and how far we have come. However, this era requires humans to be fast and technology too. Things are changing lightning-fast, and companies and large firms must keep themselves updated to evolve and survive in the growing market competition.

In such times, having a good internet speed, connectivity and signals are essential. At TouchPoint Networks, we understand this, and we are providing the best access points for WiFi 6 in the market. So whether you are a big firm or a small business looking to improve your access points, then look no further.

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