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Get Your Cybersecurity Managed by TouchPoint for Your Company’s Peace of Mind

June 7th, 2022 by admin

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With the evolution in technology, one thing that has increased is the breach in data. Companies need to ensure that they have a fool-proof security system so that their data remains secure.

A company's data is its main asset, and hence its security should be its primary concern. We understand all this and work towards providing an excellent management service to our users to ensure better security.

If you are firm thinking of acquiring a cyber security management firm for your company, TouchPoint maybe your best option, and here is why.

Why Should You Choose TouchPoint As Your Cyber Security Manager?

TouchPoint is a cyber security management firm that, over the years, has helped many companies to protect their data. While data protection is our main forte, that is not only what the company provides.

We also help users learn how to protect their data themselves and secure themselves when a threat arrives. While this may impress you, here are several benefits which we can provide you with:

  • Managed Security

    One thing we stress is that all companies should manage their security correctly regardless of how big or small they are. Statistics prove that small and mid-size companies are more prone to cyber-attacks than multi-national firms.

    Small companies usually don't have a cyber security management system, and as such may get attacked first. We provide security services to all companies on significant budgets regardless of their size scale.

  • Security Information Management

    The best service which we offer is security information management. We have a 24/7 security operation center that is always one call away to answer users' queries.

    So, if you feel like there might be a threat to your system or see an alert on your system, you can always call our company to help you fix it.

  • Secured Wi-Fi System

    We are a management company that offers our users a more secured Wi-Fi system. While standard internet connectivity can not only be slow but more prone to get attacked, the services we offer are different.

    We offer a secured Wi-Fi system with strong connections that offer speedy connectivity and guaranteed service.

  • Dark Web Scan and Security Threat Alerts

    While offering some excellent security protection, our company also helps your employees learn how they can protect themselves. The management service provides companies with threat protection, and security threat alert features to businesses that have previously been impacted by a cyber-threat or those a risk too.

    Moreover, we conduct sessions with your company employees and teach them how many different malware threats or alert scams can be removed and how systems can be protected from them. This is a great way to ensure that each user's system remains secure from any threat.

  • Office 365 End Point Detection

    The services aren't limited to the monitors but can be availed on your Office 365 accounts. We understand that while data on the system is essential, the cloud ones are important.

    Our Security Operation Center keeps track of the activity of your 365 accounts and removes any known and unknown threats before you even know about it; how convenient!

What Else Does TouchPoint Provide?

We are an excellent option for accessing many other management services while specializing in providing fool-proof security systems. Users can gain access to a number of other services like:

While you can always opt for us as your cyber security provider, just to let you know, we can help you in many other areas too. We are a management service company operating for years now, and have worked well with several clients, leaving them satisfied and cyber-secured.

So, now that you understand the benefits TouchPoint offers with its cyber security services, there should be no concerns for you to choose us as your management firm for data protection, right?

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