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Protect Your Network with Advanced Network Firewalls from TouchPoint Networks

April 18th, 2022 by admin

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Over the last two decades, the use of technology has vastly increased, and around 5 billion people currently use the internet. Unfortunately, something that grew alongside the internet in all these years are viruses, hacking and data breaching. Despite intense efforts to reduce all these things, they have a strong presence and are considered part of using the internet.

With so many hackers and data breaches being on the internet, your computer networks and precious data are always at the risk of being stolen, which is why you should always stay prepared.

Now staying prepared here means having the necessary tools and resources to fight off any malicious file or data that attempts to get inside the network. Most people here would think that a simple network security software could help them do so; however, that's not the case since these are easily breakable, and many viruses and malware can quickly go through them. To correctly stop any virus and malware from entering, you need network firewall services from reputed companies such as TouchPoint Networks.

What Exactly is a Network Firewall?

In the literal sense, a network firewall is a software/device that acts as a wall or barrier that prevents any unauthorized and malicious file from getting inside your network. The owner of a network firewall can set up firewall policies according to their requirements.

Once the policies are set, only the traffic that meets those policies would be allowed onto the network, and any traffic that fails to meet the guidelines would be stopped from entering. This way, without disturbing the owner or employees, the firewall will successfully keep viruses, worms, malware, and hackers away from your network, thus ensuring a smooth workflow.

Benefits of Getting a Network Firewall from TouchPoint Networks

Having 20+ years of experience and a vision to provide their clients with a competitive advantage, TouchPoint Network thinks of network security tools such as network firewalls essential for every business. Getting network firewall services from TouchPoint Network will give you many different benefits, some of which are listed below.

Network Traffic Monitoring

A critical aspect of building a solid computer network is to constantly be aware of the traffic coming towards it. While monitoring network traffic 24/7 is impossible for a human being, it can easily be done through TouchPoint's network firewall.

TouchPoint's network firewall will first monitor your traffic and then report you about it. Once you know about the traffic that's coming towards your network, you will better understand the threats you are facing and design a network security system around them.

Stops Network Spying

Spyware is malware made solely to spy and steal valuable plans and data, which is something that every company should be scared about. Without a firewall, spyware can enter a network quickly and get undisclosed information about your products, secret projects, customer data, and much more.

However, a TouchPoint network firewall will keep away all kinds of spyware, thus keeping your information protected.

Increased Credibility

In this world of technology, the credibility and quality of a company are often judged by its levels of security. Using a TouchPoint network firewall will give you increased credibility and trust.

This credibility and trust will make your customers and investors have a much stronger belief in your business.

Content Filtering

While this is a seldom discussed benefit, content filtering is a great way to utilize your network firewall. Content filtering allows you to filter out any site that you do not want people on your network to use.

Now, these could be some malicious websites that will otherwise bring malware into your network or could also be entertainment sites that decrease overall employee productivity.

Why Should I Choose TouchPoint Networks for My Network Firewall?

Since you have learned about the benefits that using the TouchPoint Networks Firewall will give you, it's time to understand why you should choose TouchPoint Networks for your network firewall.

  • 24/7 Support

    TouchPoint Networks understands that a security problem can come up at any hour of the day, which is why the company gives you 24/7 help desk support, where you can solve all security-related issues in just one call.

  • Extensive Experience

    Unlike many new IT companies, TouchPoint has more than 20 years of experience, and its team has worked with many world-class companies. This experience ensures that TouchPoint will provide you with the most professional firewall services.

  • Understanding of Client Goals and Vision

    Being a leading IT company, TouchPoint Network understands that the most important thing about good service is a complete understanding of client goals. This is why before starting to work on your security, TouchPoint will take a deep analysis of your business so that it can provide services according to your goal and vision.


With hacking and other related problems increasing daily, it is essential to take precautionary measures and prevent any risks by using network firewalls.

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