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What is Enhanced 9-1-1 (e911)?

April 12th, 2019 by admin

Fire and smoke on roof of brown, single-story brick house

At TouchPoint Networks, we offer security, emergency, and dispatch solutions for any business, organization or facility in the Pacific Northwest area. One of the most essential safety solutions we provide is our e911 system that can help for faster dispatch and easier communication for those in need within your premises, in the case of an emergency. Used by some of the local assisted living campuses in the Portland area, this system is excellent for medical facilities, large campuses, universities, schools, multi-floor office buildings and more.

Our safety and emergency e911 solution allows for better and more detailed information to be sent to dispatch, responders, and staff members to better assess and get to any situation within your premises much quicker and with more detailed information. With the e911 system, which simply stands for "enhanced 911", the caller’s exact location, no matter where they are on the premise, at the moment of the call is sent to responders and staff. Typically, whenever you place a standard 911 call, the location sent to dispatch is transmitted from the telephone provider, or the public-safety access point (PSAP), which is an address provided to the telephone provider at the time of the installing a phone service.

Often times, when a call is coming from an office building or large campus, the PSAP that is sent to the responders may not be the actual location of the caller but instead is either a general address or could even be the company’s billing address causing responders to get the person in need late or not at all. To eliminate this, with our e911 solution we ensure that there is a record of every area on your premise from the building, floor, room, quadrant and more. This allows for any call made within a building or area, whether from an office phone or from a personal cellphone, to be recorded and tracked so responders not only know the address of the call but the exact location within the building the caller is located.

At the time of an emergency, every second counts and our e911 solution can potentially increase the chances of saving a life, preventing or reducing a catastrophic situation and more.

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